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    I want to move to the next level. Some of our customers have been making noise about ISO9000. And some of our suppliers are ISO9000 certified.

    I want you to check into this and make a recommendation. Should we pursue this or not?

    My Expectations:
    Your report should provide an overview of ISO9000, what it is and what it does. Then you need to discuss the pros and cons of doing it here at Excellent Company. Finally, I want you to make a recommendation and give me some good reasoning. This is an important decision and I am looking for a thorough analysis.

    I have never worked with this program before, and I am a little lost as to what it actually entails. Any help you could provide would be great.

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    ISO 9000|
    ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It develops technical standards which provide support to development, manufacturing and supply of more efficient, safer and cleaner products and services ("Selection and use...",n.d). ISO provides more than 17,800 standards which support all aspects of development like economic, environmental and social. Some of the salient features of ISO9000 are:
    ➢ These help in conduct of good business practices
    ➢ These help in development of more efficient products which are safer
    ➢ They provide safeguard against falsification and promote trade between different countries

    ISO was designed to allow companies around the world to rank them and compare their suppliers in order to provide and seek guarantee for finished goods and raw materials. ISO 9000 standards are in general use when an organization wants to implement a quality management system that provides boost to organization's ability to adhere to customer requirements and provide better quality products and services which fulfill customer's needs and expectations. ...

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    ISO9000 customer recommendations are examined.