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    How Have the ISO 9000 Standards Been Received Worldwide?

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    How have the ISO 9000 standards been received worldwide? What are the latest changes in ISO 9000 (2000)? What are the basic principles of the latest revision to the ISO 9000 standard? (with 2 references).

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    ISO 9000
    ISO 9000 Standards Worldwide
    ISO 9000 standards have been adopted by 90 countries. It is a "way of managing for conformance (Vanguard, 2009)." These standards were developed as a way to assure quality. According to the Vanguard (2009) article, "ISO 9000 requires managers to "establish and maintain a documented quality system as a means of ensuring that product conforms to specified requirements." What this translates to is that an organization must say what they are doing with quality, do what they say they are doing, and prove it to a third party (Vanguard, 2009)."
    ISO 9000 Latest Changes
    The latest changes to ...

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