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    Global business event: Chiquita

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    Illustrating the following:
    a. Global Current Events Analysis
    1) Politics
    2) Economics
    3) Finance
    4) Social, health, and environmental
    5) Terrorism
    6) External governance

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    Chiquita executives are accused after an investigation of paying money to terrorists. The money is said to be for protection but the Columbian government want the American executives extradited. The company has already paid fines and admitted to the payment by a wholly owned subsidiary, Banadex. The company also admitted funding two more leftist groups. (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070317/ap_on_re_eu/colombia_terrorism_bananas;_ylt=AuiVbfcEu9dCWMa8u4jWNZ1vaA8F )

    This has political ramifications for both governments. The U.S. government is being asked for details their investigation and the opposition leaders in Columbia are joining the Chief Prosecutor in insisting on the details. The company has said the money was to keep employees safe and senior business officials had been told of the problems. Since the United States and the Columbian governments are working together to stop the drug trade and to ...

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    A discussion on how Chiquita has impacted global business in various external elements.