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    Dubai as preferred MICE destination

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    I am requesting help with research here. I am looking at Dubai as a MICE ( Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) destination. I need background on:

    ***the nature of the business event industry in Dubai
    ***the size of the business event industry in Dubai
    ***trends in business industry in Dubai
    ***supply and demand issues the city will face as a business events destination

    Please provide the links where you gathered your information.

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    ***the nature of the business event industry in Dubai
    In the last couple of decades, Dubai has created a name for itself as a preferred MICE destination. The exotic geographical location, coupled with the tropical climate and highly innovative architecture, Dubai's attractiveness as MICE is only growing stronger for both Leisure and Business events. Dubai is a member of the BestCities global alliance, which certifies that it has the necessary facilities, infrastructure and attractions to successfully host meetings and conventions (http://www.bestcities.net/) .

    The type of business events being hosted in Dubai are predominantly in the Banking/Investment and Technology Innovations realms. These two realms also encompass the Medical conferences and International Conferences focused on the advancements of Technological innovation and its impact on the Global Economics. One look at the Business events calendar clearly spells out that Dubai attracts high caliber organizations and attendees, working on the Global Economic and Technological advancements (http://www.visitdubai.com/en/event-planning_new/business-events/business-listings and http://www.dubaicalendar.ae/en/section/events?eventCategory=conference )

    ***the size of the business event industry in Dubai
    Many Hospitality organizations in Dubai focus on promoting Dubai as a dynamic host city for conferences and business events, with the main goal is to further Dubai's reputation as a leading global business tourism destination by helping to plan, organize and manage every aspect of meetings and conferences. These organizations also works to attract key international conferences and business events to Dubai, while growing visitor numbers at existing ...

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