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Marketing to B2B vs B2C

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Marketing products to customers versus businesses - what are two differences?

The examples should be real companies, preferably in Dubai.

Please include the references.

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The marketing products to customers versus businesses for two differences are given.

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An example of the difference in marketing products/services to business rather than customers, is the difference in the way that Dell computers in Dubai markets to individual customers, and the way that they market their products to Wachovia bank in Dubai. Dell Computer markets its products to individual consumers by utilizing commercials, Internet advertisement, radio advertisement, etc. as a means by which to make these products and their affordable prices known to as many individuals as possible. In addition, the quality of the product for home use is emphasized, the many advantages that just one of these computers offers in respect to satisfying an individual or family's computing needs, and the utilization of conveniently located stores where these ...

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