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EBusiness Discussion: B2B and B2C Marketing

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How do the steps in making purchase decisions differ for B2B vs. B2C customers? Would marketing create different models for each? Would it be necessary for sales and marketing to work together to generate business in B2B sales? Would the same be true for B2C sales?

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How do the steps in making purchase decisions differ for B2B vs. B2C customers?

Business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-consumers (B2C) meet the at the Business intersection. While one supports businesses, the other is customer-driven. When making purchase decisions, ideally the B2B realm has a formed structure as to meeting the exact needs of other businesses, and in many aspects, a template if you will - or a case library of lessons learned and success strategies can aid in pursuing other businesses. In B2C, it is slightly different because the business selling a product or service may not reach all intended target audiences, and there is a slighter risk in the purchasing decision, as the negotiations that can take ...

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