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Summary of 1 James and 1 Peter in Pictograph Form

What would a charted outline of the biblical books look like in small, cartoonlike drawings that take the place of the verbal description?

Each drawing should have a type of caption to tell what is in the picture (e.g. a picture of praying hands and the caption would be to pray for, or a picture of Christ on the Cross could have a possible caption as Christ with the prime example). The drawings should be in columns with an explanation of the drawings in that column at the bottom of the column, with the overall theme of the book listed beneath all columns.

There should also be a summary of what the cartoons are stating.

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I have attached the document for you; I hope that it is what you are looking for. I could not cut and paste it as I normally do because of the graphica content!

The pictures are reflective of the summary of each chapter and the overarching theme of each book. Each chapter has more than one theme or meaning, for example, James 1 talks about profiting from trials, ...

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This solution comprises a summarized version of the books of 1 James and 1 Peter in pictograph form. These cartoon-like whimsical drawings visually capture the meaning of each chapter in these Bible books. The cartoons are strategically placed in a structured table embedded in a Word document.