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    Peter Paul Rubens and Anne-Louis Girodet: Notes

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    This posting offers notes about how the artists express their styles and comparisons and mostly contrasting of 2 paintings below:

    Peter Paul Rubens
    Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt

    Anne-Louis Girodet
    Revolt of Cairo

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    First of all, as you briefly compare and contrast how the two artists express their styles within the paintings below, I strongly feel that Peter Paul Rubens' "Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt" definitely showcases the highly energetic qualities of the Baroque style quite well in this piece overall. It gives the viewer an eminent sense of immediacy. His work exudes a "jump off the page" sort of contagious energy that this style certainly embodied.

    Since this genre emphasized lots of movement, color, and sensuality within art, I also maintain that we see how Rubens strongly conveys these traits as well as the carnal action in this riveting hunting scene by adding so much drama within the positions of the subjects and characters to vividly and realistically depict the chaos that ensues between ...

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    500 words of notes and references briefly discuss a painting from both Peter Paul Rubens and Anne-Louis Girodet as well as their genres and styles.