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    The styles and the imagery of chaos- Peter Paul Rubens and Anne-Louis Girodet

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    How do the styles and the imagery of chaos compare and differ from the 2 paintings below

    Peter Paul Rubens
    Tiger,Lion and Leopard Hunt

    Anne-Louis Girodet
    Revolt of Cairo

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    From: http://drawpaintprint.tumblr.com/page/361
    An image of the Rubens:

    And from: http://www.royal-painting.com/htmllarge/large-30096.html
    An image of the other painting by Girodet:

    Your essay is supposed to discuss how styles and the imagery of chaos compare and differ in these two works. To address this assignment, first, study the two paintings. Note differences and similarities in color, line, texture, light and shadow (value), shape, theme, as well as movement, pattern, rhythm, balance, contrast, dominance (focal points), etc., as well as the subject matter.

    Once you have a list of what is similar and different, search online and see what the critical reviews and the museum sites, especially, have to say about each work. See if there are any notable quotes you like that you might want to include, to show that you actually did some research for this assignment. BE SURE to correctly cite any references you use in your paper, both in-text and on a References (APA style) or Works Cited (MLA) page. A good reference ...

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    A beginning comparison of Rubens' Tiger, Lion, and Leopard Hunt painting with Girodot's Revolt of Cairo painting. Original expert comments comparing and contrasting both works using appropriate art terminology, plus Web-based links to other Internet resources and tips on writing an eventual analysis essay.