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Relevant Cases for Contract Law

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Peter is a certified public accountant. He agreed with Paul, a medical doctor, that he would assist Paul with his tax appeal to the IRD if Paul would provide a medical check-up for his wife. Peter assisted Paul but he refused to carry out his original promises. With the help of relevant legal cases and principles, critically analyze whether the agreement of Peter with Paul are valid in the eyes of common law.

Please kindly suggest the relevant legal cases for me, as my note does not contain any cases.

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There exist two relevant and credible solutions to this scenario depending on how you interpret the existing case law and research literature. First is the aspect that oral contracts are indeed enforceable under the circumstances that you can prove to the court that an agreement existed between the medical doctor and Paul if Peter were to provide tax assistance for Paul. The first step in proving that this ...

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This solution analyzes the agreement between Peter and Paul and determines whether it is valid.