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Ministerial Ethics

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How might a minister use the following ministerial ethics in his/her call to ministry?

1. The minister must keep the nobility of the calling uppermost in his/her own mind.
2. The minister must never forget that he/she is one who serves and must be on guard against any temptation the profession presents.
3. The minister must guard the use of his/her name.
4. The minister's work depends on his/herpersonal character.
5. The minister's duty is the cultivation of the his/her mind and the corresponding improvement of professional and spiritual powers by application and study.
6. The minister must hold high in outward acts the established reputation of the Christian ministry.

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In regards to all six of these ethical principles, one has to consider using them in ministry. The calling is higher than anyone could ask or imagine because of getting held to a higher standard for teaching others the Word of God. Because of this responsibility, one has to act with integrity and justly with God because one day the minister will get held accountable for their actions on judgment day.

Temptation is present, and the devil is going to attack the minister on a regular basis. I saw this much when I first started ministry myself. Satan was constantly attacking me to drop out and to act immoral, but I resisted, and eventually he fled from me. This is why it is all the more important to stay in the Word of God and in prayer daily in order to fend off ...

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