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    The Doha Round--what is the current status?

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    Determine and in details summarize the current status of the Doha Round of trade negotiations by accessing the World Trad Organization site www.wto.org. Is the round still in progress or has it been concluded with an agreement? If the former, when and where was the latest ministerial meeting? If the latter, what are the main features of the agreement? Make a sound summary and conclusion.

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    Top trade representatives from almost 30 WTO countries have been engaged in the so-called Doha Round which was launched in the Qatari capital of Doha in November 2001 to negotiate a framework for free trade agreements and trade liberalization talks. This agenda calls for further market opening and additional rule making, as well as the better integration of developing countries in world ...

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    The solution answers the question regarding the Doha Roun, and determines the current status.