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Muckrakers of the 20th Century America

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Considering the muckraking journalists, Sinclair, Mitford, and Woodward and Bernstein,

1) What is socially/politically compelling about the topic these journalists discuss?

2) What possible solutions do each of these journalists offer?

3) What role do these people play in the construction of our history?

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Social & Political Relevance

Each of the work included in Jensen's book had their own social and political relevance, at varying degrees dependent upon the 'muck that was raked' and to what degree. Let me begin with the work of Upton Sinclair. The Jungle's (1906) message was clear - life for the immigrants who work in the meatpacking industry is harsh and oftentimes tragic. bad practices and corruption abound and for many, their dream of coming to America to have that new chance is life has turned to tragedy. the divide of power, the disparity in life chances, the lack of regulation and government support - all these was evident, in a work of fiction which was Sinclair's vehicle of exposing a great social inequality. Economic and social opportunities were for the few in Jurgis Rudkus' world. What was more significant about the work however is that it showed to society the importance of investigative journalism - in this case, even the publishers were shocked by how the pen is truly mightier than the sword as his work turned the industry on its head and facilitated social change.

Mitford's work impacted the funeral industry. Unlike Sinclair, the subject matter was just ...

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