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Critical Literacy within the Classroom

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a) What is critical literacy? Why is it important?

b) How often do you use critical literacy strategies within your classroom?

c) Describe some of the strategies you use to engage students in critical literacy.

d) Describe some of the activities in which students engage around critical literacy.

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The solution discusses critical literacy within the classroom.

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Critical literacy can be described in various terms and interpreted differently by the different instructors within the same discipline. Nevertheless I will provide you with an explanation that is suffice for your project wherein critical literacy is the ability to learn to read and write as a part of an individual learning process of becoming cognizant of one's experience regarding language used to construct the discourse of the classroom and themselves. Critical literacy is characterized by examination of a student's ongoing development in an attempt to expose subjective positions that formulate the students' view of the subject matter that is taught by the instructor. Critical literacy allows the student to consistently promulgate the efficacy of the instruction to their individual learning style while also providing the teacher with a more involved class because of the critical literacy on display by students (Lesley, 2012).

Critical literacy is important because it enables students to analyze deeper meanings of ...

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