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Strategies for Struggling Students in a Classroom Setting

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I am doing an analysis of research data and trends to inform effective change management processes and improve learning outcomes for a specific instructional problem. Can you provide me with a critical review of five current (within the last five years) research articles that are related to the "Struggling Students in a Classroom Setting?"

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5 articles and my review:

1) Functional Assessment-Based Interventions: A University-District Partnership to Promote Learning and Success. By: Lane, Kathleen Lynne; Oakes, Wendy Peia; Cox, Meredith. Beyond Behavior. Spring2011, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p3-18. 16p.

This article attempts to offer assistance for educators who teach students struggling with social, academic, and behavioral demands in the classroom setting. Using the functional assessment-based intervention technique (FABI), this research journal offers key components of this technique to be implemented in the classroom for students struggling in the classroom setting. In addition, the research journal article addresses the insufficient primary and secondary preventions often associated with struggling students while developing knowledge based plans for training teachers in this technique.

2) Teaching Struggling Readers: Capitalizing on Diversity for Effective Learning. Full Text Available By: Compton-Lilly, Catherine. Reading Teacher. May2008, Vol. 61 Issue 8, p668-672. 5p.

The article is predicated ...

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This solution provides a critical review of 5 peer reviewed scholarly journal articles that devise instructional strategies for struggling students in a classroom setting.

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