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    Classroom management, seating variations

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    How might the four elements of classroom arrangement assist in classroom management? Which classroom management model is most closely aligned with your personal philosophy?

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    To approach responding to this assignment, I suggest that you search the Internet using any search engine you perfer, using the following phrases: 4 elements of classroom management, and/or 4 ways to arrange a classroom. Then, take a look at the hits returned, and select several likely ones to skim for content. Pull useful ideas from several to use as evidence in your response. Be sure to cite these sources in your response if you quote or paraphrase from them.

    The four elements of classroom management are explained in the article found at the following web site URL: http://www.suite101.com/content/elements-of-great-class-management-a52043. These elements are strategic planning, adequate pacing, clear transitions and engaging teacher presence. Fortin (April 27, 2008) discusses these aspects of classroom management as being essential parts of lesson planning, as well as classroom management strategies.
    For example: strategic planning means to plan lesson curriculum in engaging ways. Vary modalities of presentation and activities (listening, seeing and hands-on, also called visual, auditory and kinesthetic) to increase student engagement and participation. This is one method of differentiated instruction. Vary the content according to student's cognitive levels. Build in extra practice and help for struggling students, and plan ...

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    Discussion of 4 elements of classroom management, with Web URL reference, and discussion of differentiation strategies. Classroom management with various seatig arrangements is also discussed, with web URL reference.