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introduce diverse learning strategies

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Discuss the importance of introducing diverse examination strategies to develop skills. What types of strategies would you implement to afford all learners the opportunity to succeed?

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Ways to introduce diverse learning strategies are brainstormed in this solution.

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When possible one way to introduce diverse learning strategies is to use interdisciplinary techniques, whereby the student can relate his subject to other subjects or questions he is undertaking. In this way, he is always thinking in terms of the 'complete picture' and not just one isolated question. Another good teaching strategy is to allow 2 students of similar level ability to work together as 'partners' to tackle a question or problem. This is known as 'cooperative learning.' Many times this keeps the students interested and gives them more self confidence in their ability to successfully answer a question. Discussing a question with someone else is an excellent way to engage the thought process of the students. The use of computer technology is another important educational strategy which can be successfully employed by the teacher. It further engages the student because it provides a more active and 'hands-on' method of learning.

Audio and visual materials can also be utilized as a strategy in ...

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