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Graphic Organizer: Psychographic and Demographic Factors

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I need help with the following:

Create a graphic organizer that includes the following:
- Defines psychographic
- Differentiates between psychographic and demographic factors
- Describes how personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles influence learning
- Connects several teaching strategies to address these factors

Write a brief reflection of 300 to 500 words on what you learned about diversity in these learners. The reflection should be included with the graphic organizer.

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Psychographics represent factors that are able to identify why learners are motivated to learn.
Every learner is a diverse learner and learns differently. Therefore, teachers must develop strategies that are able to identify the individual demographics of learners and determine what psychographics motivate them.
Demographics: This is different from wherein these represent and identify the interests of learners.

Teachers have the responsibility of respecting diversity ...

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The psychographic and demographic factors for graphic organizers are examined.