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    Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension Teaching Strategies

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    For a minimum of five reading comprehension teaching strategies, develop a graphic organizer for each strategy that would support student learning.

    1. Each graphic organizer will support the comprehension strategy being used.

    2. Design the graphic organizers around a specific story and strategy.

    3. Include a summary of one to two paragraphs for each graphic organizer, explaining how you would use this in a comprehension lesson.

    4. Include your rationale: Specify the potential benefits of using each graphic organizer and how it will support assessment of knowledge.

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    It is my pleasure to assist you. Please find my detailed notes below explaining five common types of graphic organizers.

    Let's start this with a brief explanation as to why graphic organizers have proven themselves so useful in teaching reading comprehension. Graphic organizers are used to illustrate relationships existent in a given text by using pictures or diagrams. Such organizers can take on different forms and shapes. Some common examples would include maps, graphs, charts, frames, webs, or even cluster drawings. The reason these organizers are useful lie in the fact that they can help students to focus on the structure of a text. For example, they can be used to help students understand the differences between fiction and nonfiction writing. Graphics organizers also give students the tools that they need to examine and show relationships in a text. Finally, graphic organizers have also proven useful to students as they strive to write well-organized summaries of a text.

    Your assignment calls for creating five such graphic organizers. Let me briefly give you five examples and explain, in written form, how such organizers can be used to teach reading comprehension.

    1) Venn Diagrams ' These diagrams are common in math disciplines, but have recently proven effective in ...

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    An explanation as to why graphic organizers are useful in teaching reading comprehension starts this response, which then discusses five graphic organizers including explanations and how they can be used. It is 876 words with reference.