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    Stand alone module with no Internet

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    Instructional Strategies with the primary instructional mode (textual explanation, bullet points with audio, case-based, and/or simulation) and the types of cognitive tools (chunking, concept mapping, mnemonic devices, and/or graphic organizers) is used to teach the material to the learner.

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    As you design your specific instructional strategies, I have brainstormed ideas for you to implement. Since idioms comprise figurative language devices, the lesson lends itself to the instructional mode of textual explanation. You may apply bullet points with audio as a starting point. Simulations also work well with figurative language devices.

    In terms of advance organizers and also the textual explanation, it is important to draw common idioms from everyday language to make that knowledge transfer. For example, you might want to exemplify common idioms: Let The Cat Out Of The Bag, Spill The Beans, Crocodile Tears, Take With A Grain Of Salt, etc.

    My students like to complete anticipation guides where they have a form to check if they have heard the idiom before or not. It is a great way to spark interest in the lesson and make those real world applications. This method also serves as a cognitive tool in terms of graphic organizers. You want even want to adapt a KWL chart to suit this purpose.
    Since your objectives specify that they will identify the meanings, it is important to offer a graphic organizer that separates literal from figurative meanings. A more compare and contrast method is advised. You also need to have dictionaries readily available for them to ascertain literal meanings.

    Teaching context clues is also an important strategy for kids to be able to perceive this goal. Kids must make inferences using clues from the reading. It is important to work on some reading comprehension strategies in order to match this objective.

    Given your two short stories, this goal is attainable. You might want to highlight, bold, use colors, to ...

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