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The Role of Computers in Education

5-7 paragraphs

Details: In a recent meeting, your supervisor asked you to provide a summary of your thoughts on the role of computers in an education and/or training environment. Specifically, your supervisor wanted to know more about stand-alone computer-based products for learning (such as computer labs, workplace computers, or home computer) and networked computer-based applications (such as this online course) for distributed learning.

Remember, this is for your supervisor so be sure to discuss at a depth that would be appropriate to your real world environment not just global concepts

Thanks for your assistance.

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The role of computers in education has become one of the most essential things that educators have noted in the recent years. Computers have greatly changed the way people learn and work, In every field, they always play a vital role and in education, it is a very important instrument in the teaching-learning process. Here are a few of the important facets of the role of computers in education.

In the modern systems of education, teaching through the use of computers plays a key role as students find it easier to refer to the Internet than to use the reference books for more information. The Internet offers a very wide range of information on almost all topics and students can store the information they need through computers easily and fast. Hand-written notes have become inconvenient for those who are researching for their classes. ...

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The solution is composed of six paragraphs summarizing one's thoughts on the role of computers in education and/or training environment. Also described are stand-alone computer products and network computer-based applications for distributed learning. References included.