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Learning and understanding how to write different types of sentences.

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How do you write complex and compound sentences? Explain dependent, independent, subordinate, conjunctions etc.

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As I'm sure you are aware, there are building blocks we use when we write. These building blocks are letters, words, phrases, and clauses. In terms of writing, the cement that is used to hold these blocks together is punctuation.
<br>If a writer tries to build a paper without the proper blocks and cement, the writer's work will fall apart.
<br>Creating a variety of sentence types requires that one knows which "blocks" to use to create the desired effect, but it ALSO requires that one knows how to add the proper punctuation for each situation.
<br>Letters and words are familiar to almost every writer, but few writers REALLY know what the terms "phrase" and "clause" mean. It is essential to know these terms to form a variety of correctly punctuated sentences.
<br>A PHRASE is a group of related words.
<br> EX: over the summer
<br> EX: Bobbie's pet snake
<br> EX: the stolen Egyptian artifact
<br>A CLAUSE is a group of related words with a SUBJECT and a VERB, and there are TWO types of clauses.
<br> Independent Clauses (I) can stand alone.
<br> EX: I traveled over the summer.
<br> EX: Bobbie's pet snake ate a dirty sock.
<br> EX: The police arrested the man who had the stolen Egyptian artifact.
<br> (NOTE: Another name for an independent clause is SIMPLE SENTENCE.)
<br> Dependent Clauses (D) can't stand alone.
<br> EX: Because I traveled over the summer
<br> EX: Although Bobbie's pet snake ate a dirty ...

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