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    Please help me with the following:

    Visit the interactive map on the U.S. Department of Education website or conduct an internet search to locate the website for your state Department of Education (Illinois). Research the academic standards in your state for a first, second or third grader. Identify three areas that you feel you would like to learn more about if you were asked to teach this grade tomorrow. Next, identify three resources you could use for assistance.

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    The first area I would investigate would be English and Language Arts. This area is essential for success in school because it carries over to so many academic areas. Children in first grade and sometimes younger must make a big developmental leap from recognizing the sound symbol relationship inherent in letters, words and finally sentences. Thus, the extreme importance in this area.

    The second area is Social Studies. Its importance lies in the facts that it is so closely tied with English/Language Arts and an awareness of the world around us - where students live in town and state, how the neighborhood and the world at large functions, and the cultures and practices which underlie it.

    The third area is the arts. Since it is tied to sensory awareness in the lower gradesand the development of fine and gross motor skills, it is of primary importance for students' development. Additionally, it ties into themes and areas of culture which the students explore.

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