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    Children's Literature Activity and Creative Book Reflection

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    Creative Book Response and Reflection
    Due on day 7 (Monday) by 11:59 pm Mountain Time
    Read a children's book and prepare a creative response to the book; see examples in Ch. 4 of Children's Literature. Your response can be used by teachers or students;
    Include grade level or targeted audience, as well as any needed directions.
    Write a 350 word paper reflecting on how the form of response you chose contributed to your understandings of the book. Share your findings with the class.
    Format your paper according to APA standards

    Also I have attached a chart that I need help giving more similarities and difference on different genres.

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    The illustrated children's story I chose is one available on the Web for free at URL: http://www.magickeys.com/books/patrick/index.html.

    This is a story about Patrick, who rescues an elf from his cat. The elf grants him a wish. Patrick, who hates homework, wishes for the elf to do his homework for the next 35 days, until school is out for the summer. The elf agrees, but there is one catch - the elf does not understand human stuff, so he asks Patrick to help him and show him how - in every subject. So Patrick ends up doing his homework himself, and passing the term with high marks thanks to that crafty little elf.

    The grade level for this story, told in rhyme, is first grade all the way up to fifth grade. Any elementary school-aged child can benefit from this story and activity. What children will do is create their very own homework elf, to "help" them get their homework done.

    Materials needed:
    old fashioned wooden clothespins, found at craft stores and sometimes dollar stores
    permanent markers, fine sharpies work well, in black and red
    fabric scraps, bits of ...

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    Free Web-based children's literature story with suggested craft activity, URLs included, and chart of children's literature genre comparisons and contrasts.