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Children's Literature and Learning

Quality children's literature is recognized as a "teaching tool" for fostering young children's learning. For this discussion, please share the titles of three (3) of your favorite children's books which you feel foster understandings of social/emotional concepts in young children. Include a brief summary of the book's content and at least one open ended question you might pose to a small group of children after reading the book.

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Are you familiar with Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley? This is a picture book which helps children to name emotions and express them. Each colored monster acts out different emotions. For example, Pink monsters make valentines and bake cookies to show love. In addition, the book contains a mask in each two page spread attached with the eyes and nose punched out which the child can hold up to their face to practice expressing that emotion. This will appeal to a ...

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This solution lists three children's books that can be used as a teaching tool to foster learning. It provides a brief summary of the books and provides a suggested question to ask the class after reading them the story.