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Social Elements in Business after Volunteering

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As a group, we plan to volunteer our time at the American Red Cross branch. We did some manual labor by helping with some year-end cleaning jobs, such as washing windows and cleaning all the lights. Our next element to the project was helping with the blood drive. During the blood drive, we helped the donors safely get out of their chairs and to a separate area to receive drinks and snacks. We also aided the workers with small chores, such as cleanup and restocking.

In analyzing the sustainability of the impact of voluntary work at the American Red Cross, will your impact outlive your activity? How long will the impact survive? How do you know? Please provide a discussion of how this voluntary work has modified or transformed your thinking around social and ethical elements in business.

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The expert examines social elements in business after volunteering.

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The American Red Cross has a 125 year tradition of assisting people in need of assistance (obtained at http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer). The blood collected from the blood drive will have a huge impact on the local community. The blood will be used to save lives. The length of time the blood will last depends on the amount of blood and blood products collected. The impact on the recipients of blood donations is difficult to calculate at the time of the blood collection. However, there will be a long lasting impact. ...

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