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As a group, you plan to volunteer your time at the American Red Cross and intend to do some cleaning and help volunteers who have donated blood.
An analysis of the sustainability of the impact of voluntarily work at the American Red Cross - Will your impact outlive your activity? How long will the impact survive? How do you know?
An assessment of the degree of success of the intervention, including evidence of some impact on the world and the reason for the program's success or failure - How much impact you will have, and how can you demonstrate to the judging panel that you did have an impact?
A discussion of how this voluntarily work has modified or transformed your thinking around social and ethical in business.

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In a situation of this nature, the impact of the cleaning and volunteering to help those individuals who have donated blood would in all probability outlive the actual activity itself. The impact would probably outlive the activity in this case, due to the fact that the cleaning would help the Red Cross to be able to leave this area of operations much more quickly, and to set up in another area and receive donations of blood much more expeditiously. This would ...

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