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Three Areas of Social Change

Please help me with the following assignment:

Locate an article that you feel addresses one of the three ways that we can think about social change.

Discuss why you chose the article and which of the three social change areas it addresses.

You can think about social change in three ways.

1. First, change can reflect significant social events, such as World War ll, the assassination of President Kennedy, the breakup of the Soviet Empire, etc. Each of these events has affected change in contemporary America.
2. Change can be macroscopic, reflecting broad-scale social change and cultural themes. These pervasive change processes enable you to see patterns and make sense out of particular historical events by revealing "underlying" patterns and directions. What patterns have been developed by this social change?
3. The third perspective discusses how change can occur in spheres of social life. These are closely connected to the lives of individuals, such as age groups, families, work settings, education, religion, and so forth. This third perspective focuses on change in the population and social institutions.

Our authors Harper and Liecht (2011) shared that each of these perspectives has strengths and weaknesses. Looking at different perspectives it is better to illuminate the whole parts of your everyday encounters with social change and show the interconnections among social trends and changing institutional settings for everyday life (p. 67).

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Dear student,

Hello and thank you for using BrainMass. It appears to me that your professor is asking you to spot an article that reflects social change according to the definition of Harper and Licht and to discuss the many ways this can happen as reflected in the article. It's good to start with an outline:

1. The article particulars - what is it about?
2. Social change 1 as reflected
3. Social change 2 as reflected
4. Social change 3 as reflected

I shall assume that you are already familiar with the concept following your studies and that what you need is guidance in how the task can be done. The idea is to critically look at an article and see how the concepts are reflected in there. Below, I have shown you how. I have chosen this article as it is accessible and can be used for your purpose. Good luck with your studies.

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Social Change Article Review

Article Particulars:

AFP (2012). Afghans wake up to power of social media, in Times of India, URL:

This particular article, which has ...

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