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    Social change implications

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    In this Discussion, you will address specific social change implications of your MS in Psychology specialization. Furthermore, you will consider the influence of diversity and globalization and how to address these issues in your Capstone Project.

    An analysis of how social change is or could be addressed in Social Psychology. Then explain any global and diversity implications in social psychology.

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    (1) [Provide] an analysis of how social change is or could be addressed in Social Psychology.

    Social Psychology is the scientific study of behaviors focused on understanding individual thoughts and behaviors that are influenced by others [i.e. society] (Baron, Byrne, & Branscombe, 2006). As they further explain, social change simply means that you want to change some social order in society. For example, social change in the treatment of disadvantaged children becomes a commitment to help change treatment policies that affect the disabled. In addition, to impact social change, a counselor practitioner may work to remove barriers that promote social bias and injustices. For instance, when working with clients, the therapist/practitioner recognizes and identifies social barriers that can affect a client's psychological health and well being. Most psychologists are interested in social reform ...

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    This solution discusses how to address social change implications in a specific Psychology specialization. It considers the influence of globalization and diversity within this change.