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Child Abuse Laws and Ethics

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Describe one concrete action that could be taken with knowledge, research, or education to further change considering child abuse laws.

Describe any ethical implications related to the action that has been proposed.

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This is what I recommend when it comes to changing child abuse laws. All too often predators get away with the heinous abuse brought on innocent children, which affects him or her for the rest of their life. Here is a concrete action that I highly recommend. Those individuals who hurt others in this fashion need to get educated through counseling. They need to have at least 5 years of it, and in prison for at least 5 years; ...

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This solution discussed social change and the ethical implications of it.

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The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform Act of 1990 is summarized and the controversy regarding immunity for those who report child abuse is discussed

All major helping professions throughout the world have codes outlining guidelines for ethical practice. The codes promote professional empowerment by assisting professionals to a) keep good practice b) protect their clients, c) safeguard their autonomy, and d) enhance the profession. Ethical codes would also be summarized by the words " keep the best interest of your clients in mind; do no harm to your clients; treat them responsibly with full awareness of the social context of helping" Counselors and therapists are responsible for the client before themselves and for society as well. At times these responsibilities conflict, and you will especially want to seek more detailed guidance and consultation from your supervisor and written ethical codes. Codes contain information on competence, informed consent, confidentiality and diversity. Issues of advocacy, power and social justice are implicit in all codes, but most explicitly in counseling, social work and human services.

What's one thing that stands out for you in the area of ethics? What's one thing that you consider most important? Ideas of social justice and action in the community are considered by some a controversial topic. What are your thoughts?

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