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    Government Regulations and Standards: Child Abuse

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    Describe the current government regulations that are researched. What kind of impact do these regulations or standards have on child abuse?

    What obstacles do you think you might encounter that would prevent you from meeting the needs of your target population?

    Consider also future trends and changes that may be needed in relation to social policy for child abuse to be resolved or to have their needs satisfied.

    Cite at least two references.

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    //Before starting the research on government regulations and standards, we should write about the concept of child abusing. This will help us to understand the various regulations of the government regarding this issue in the society. //

    The physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect of children is called child abuse. Child abuse and child neglect (failure to fulfill the basic needs of children i.e. housing, food, clothing, medical care, etc.) are some issues related to children that are most common in single-parent families in comparison to the families where both parents are alive. Some of the consequences of child abuse include emotional effects, which consist of low self-esteem, eating disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, etc.; behavioral effects, which consist of teen pregnancy, aggressive behavior, suicide attempts, anger, problems in school and work, delinquency, criminal or antisocial behavior, etc. and physical effects, which consist of death, cognitive difficulties, injury and physical disabilities.

    //Now, as per the instructions, we will discuss about the various regulations and standards that are developed by the government to control the issues of child abusing. I am not discussing these regulations in a detailed manner and just providing the name of these standards so that you can explain these regulations in an easy manner. //

    It is the responsibility of the state and the local government to prevent child abuse. Current Government (US) regulations on Child ...

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