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Child Abuse: Prevention Strategy

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Suggest a solution for resolving this issue or lessening the problem.

Answer the following questions:

o How might your suggested solution be affected by social policies or government regulations?

o How would you address potential obstacles to the implementation of your solution?

o What new programs or services might be needed to implement your suggested change?

Please cite your references.

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//For this paper, you should give an overview of 'Child Abuse'. Then, you are required to define a prevention strategy for protecting children, from being abused. There are some other points, which are also covered. I am giving you an overview on this topic. See the text below: //

Child Abuse:

The physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect of children is called child abuse. Most of the child abuse cases happen in the family. Examples of this include kidnappings and random murders. Some of the consequences of child abuse include emotional effects I.e. Low self-esteem, eating disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, etc.; behavioral effects I.e. Teen pregnancy, aggressive behavior, suicide attempts, anger, problems in school and work, delinquency, criminal or antisocial behavior, etc. And physical effects I.e. Death, cognitive difficulties, injury and physical disabilities (About Child Abuse).

The purpose of child abuse prevention programs and strategies is to protect children and to stop child abuse and neglect from ever happening. The best and the most valuable way to prevent child abuse are to support families and educate them (parents) about the skills and knowledge required to be an effective caregiver. Child abuse prevention strategies and programs help parents to better understand the needs and requirements of their children with the help of positive parenting and nonviolent discipline techniques and measures. Some of the child prevention strategies are-

To develop such programs that help new and expecting parents in preparing them for the challenges of child care.
To ...

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