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How Public Health Strategy Supports At-Risk Students

How can a public health strategy support at-risk students? Is policy alone enough to prevent child abuse? How effective is policy without practice? When it comes to parenting and the prevention of child abuse, where do the responsibilities of the education system began and end? How and when would you implement a parenting program or child abuse prevention program?

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1. If a public health strategy includes the following for its school districts then it can help support at risk students in the following ways ; supports kids during tough times (like parental layoffs or divorce), use community resources well, effective crisis prevention and management techniques which are specified, good working relationships with outside behavioral and mental health agencies, a supportive innovatively driven classroom model with new curricula and teacher/support staff trainings and supervision and lastly, getting parents to attend meetings, have parenting classes for them, become involved with school projects etc.

2. In my opinion even though many states train ...

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How public health strategies supports at-risk students is determined.