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    3 contemporary issues regarding the effects of advertising

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    Consider how free speech supports the right to circulate goods, services, and images in the market place of products. Free speech however has raised concerns about advertising, manipulation, especially with the regards to children, teens, and health.

    In 250 words list three serious contemporary issues regarding the effects of advertising within American culture youth and health for example.

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    One of the most often discussed issues involving the manipulation of an advertiser's message (and the fact that the public felt it was aimed at children) is the "Joe Camel" character that used to represent Camel cigarettes. Camel utilized his image in magazines, billboards and other similar media to market their entire line of cigarettes. But, many parents and concerned citizens believed that the cartoon-ish character was too similar to other humanized animal characters such as Tony the tiger and Toucan Sam. "Historical data have related increases in smoking initiation among adolescents to the ...

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    Read along as I explore three distinct examples of modern, American advertising and how they may have impacted our culture, our overall health and our children/youth. Specific direction is aimed at the idea of the media exploiting their free speech rights.