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Contemporary Issues in Physiological Psychology

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What contemporary issues are being addressed in the field of physiological psychology? What issues do you, personally, feel are most important? What other issues do you believe ought to be investigated by physiological psychologists? Why? Reply in 250 words and provide a reference.

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One contemporary issue being addressed in the field of physiological psychology is the role the hippocampal formation plays in learning and memory. After many years of research this neurological process still remains a mystery to scientists. Many years ago research discovered that the production of new neurons could be found to occur in the brains of older rodents. In more contemporary studies, adult neurogenesis in the hippocampal formation of a many types of mammals including humans suggests a simpler understanding of the bases of hippocampal functioning. This Research has found that this brain regions functions play an important role in learning that involves association. When new neurons are added to the equation, it is thought that their contribution to hippocampal circuitry ...