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Physiological Psychology

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What are the major underlying assumptions of physiological psychology? What effect do these assumptions have on psychology?

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This solution discusses the major assumptions underlying physiological physchology.

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(1) What are the major underlying assumptions of physiological psychology?

Physiological psychology is a division of biopsychology focused on the study of the neural mechanism of behavior by manipulating the nervous systems of nonhuman animals in control. For example, it is learned that physiological function of conscience has a lot to do with how well individuals are able to communicate (Pinel, 2006). Physiological psychologists are focused on an empirical, practical and experimental approach to the study of behavior. The underlying assumptions of physiological psychological is that there is a connection between mind and body. For example, Physiological psychologists have studied the contributions of the hippocampus to memory by surgically removing the hippocampus in rats and assessing their ability to perform various memory tasks ...

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