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Contemporary issues in advertising and free speech

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Consider how free speech supports the right to circulate goods, services, and images in the marketplace. In addition, consider how free speech in advertising has raised concerns about advertising manipulation, especially with regard to children, teens, and health.

Discuss in 250 to 300 words three contemporary issues regarding the effects of advertising on Amercan culture, and role advertising has in a democracy.

Explain why each issue is controversial, and whether or not you are concerned about advertising manipulation.

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Free speech as specified in the Constitution specifies freedom from government interference in what people say or communicate in other ways as long as it is done peacefully. This is considered essential to democracy, where people must be adequately informed in order to choose their leaders wisely. However, some restrictions have been instituted on free speech where it may infringe on other rights. Thus, we now have some ...

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Contemporary issues in advertising and free speech; American culture and consumer manipulation