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    Health Disparities Elimination

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    Is it possible to eliminate health disparities in the United States? Why or why not? What are some of the key strategies?

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    Health disparity is defined in the context of public health as a " chain of events signified by a difference in environment; access to the utilization of and quality of care; health status; a particular health outcome. There inequality in the quality of care among different ethnic patients. The factors that are the determinants of health are "income and social status, social support network; education; employment; social environment; physical environment; personal health practices; gender; and culture. (1)

    It is possible to prevent and eliminate health disparities in the US. Some of the strategies to eliminate health disparities are to call on public health officials to use every means possible to do this. One of the effective tools to prevent health disparities is health communication (2). Health communications is defined as the use of methods to influence and notify people in the community about decision to enhance health. The National Cancer Institute have reported that health communication can enhance the individual's awareness and knowledge of health issues and problems (2). Health ...

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    This solution with over 600 words defines and explains the concept of health disparity in relation to public health in the United States, as well as suggest key strategies in eliminating disparities. All references used are included.