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    Causes and prevention of substance abuse disorders

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    Discuss the relationship between human development and socialization and how this relationship operates.

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    Socialization is the process through which individuals interact with the environment and experience situations that shape their personality. Human development during talks about the physical growth of the individual across the years. The emotional and personality components for this growth are provided through the socialization process. As the individual passes through his childhood and teenage years, he may face trauma making him vulnerable to substance abuse. Factors within a family that influence a child's early development have been shown to be related to increased risk of drug abuse.
    o Chaotic home environment
    The home is where the child first learns about the functioning of the world. Early childhood is also the time when they are most vulnerable and they don't understand the rejection or harshness they may face. It affects their esteem and confidence levels.
    o Ineffective parenting
    There are four kinds of parenting styles :
    Authoritative - this is the most appropriate style which provides warmth and discipline in appropriate measure causing a child to understand discipline and yet know that ...

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