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Suicide and Psychological Disorders

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The relationship between depression and substance abuse are common stressors that cause physical and psychological distress. Studies are presented that point out the percasive nature of personality disorders, and how that affect an individual's work and social life.

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This solution is focused on the relationship between depression, substance abuse and suicide. Studies are presented that show this relationship is often related to quality of life issues. Depression as a significant psychological disorsder linked to substance abuse and suicide is examined.

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Common depression may cause disruptive effects in daily functioning such as reduced appetite, lack of energy, irritability, low self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness, etc. Persons suffering from mild depression have social behaviors (e.g. not making friend easier loneliness). Some may be mistrustful or others. Personality disorders are longer lasting patterns of extreme, maladaptive or impaired functioning or distress. The pervasive nature of personality disorders affects all ...

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