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    Child abuse interventions

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    This posting briefly discusses the implications of one's strategy in terms of intervention and prevention. 500 words of notes and article references are integrated.

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    As you briefly discuss the implications of your strategy in terms of intervention and prevention, in terms of interventions, I really like some that are succeeding right now in England, as cited in the article:

    Coren, E., Thomae, M., Hutchfield, J., & Iredale, W. (2013). Report on the Implementation and Results of an Outcomes-focused Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse Interventions in the UK. Child Abuse Review, 22(1), 44-59.

    One program is called Action for Children's mission. This intervention targets children and young people whose
    families need support, especially those "who cannot live with their birth families, who are disabled or experience severe difficulties in their lives. The intervention is also called the Safe and Secure network, which offer various types of services, "including counselling, play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy along with a range of other therapeutic services."

    Play therapy is also one intervention that I really advocate in order to deal proactively with child abuse.

    One article also addresses its merits:

    Fearn, M., & Howard, J. (2012). Play as a Resource for ...

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