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Community Prevention Programs

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Eventually a community needs a program to prevent sexual abuse of their children in the future. I need some information as follow:

1) Provide me information about Sexual Assault Prevention program for children a community.

2) Suggest the psycho educational and supportive approaches that can be effectively used at the community level, such as in community centers, schools, and social services agencies, to provide information to the children.

3) in the psycho educational approaches, address issues such as: gender, diversity, and ethics.

Please include references.

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1) Provide me information about Sexual Assault Prevention program for children a community.

(1) Research shows that prevention programs are of three types: (a) Justice System practices, (b) educational programs, and (c) outreach programs. Justice system practices imply strengthening and building legislation practices and policies (e.g., sex offender registration programs). One report provides information to explain the sexually abused child, as one who is exposed to sexual acts or behavior. The sexual abuse is described as an abuse of trust, power, and authority that may cause serious short-term and long-term problems for a child". Statistics are also presented to reveal that about one in three girls, and one I seven boys will be sexually assaulted (Child sex abuse, www.nsvrc.org).

(2) Several suggestions are made through this report initiatives to prevent sexual abuse that includes: (a) applying a risk-reduction approach, (b) educating children about sexual abuse, and (c) providing them with skills to report and repeal sexual abuse.

(3) Educating children consists of talking to children about the risk. They recommend a primary prevention approach that serves to change the social conditions in which abuse occur. The primary prevention approach is a part of a "multifaceted strategy" involving community initiatives to prevent sexual abuse. Prevention programs designed for children are one of many components of a successful effort to prevent child sexual behaviors (Child sex abuse, www.nsvrc.org).

(4) The Primary prevention program has three main goals: (1) teach children to recognize child sex abuse, (2) give them the skills to avoid abuse, and (3) to encourage them to report abuse they have experienced.

(5) Thus, teaching children may involve teaching them the concept of "private ones" and what parts of the body are private zones, and the ...

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