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Community-Based Prevention Programs

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Megan is a 12-year-old girl who lives in a poor area. Megan's life is full of family problemsâ?"her parents are always fighting, and everyone in her family is in extreme poverty. Megan cannot afford to be on any sports teams, and she is failing math. Her parents cannot afford for her to go to tutoring. Megan believes if she had more money she could help her family afford all these things. Megan knows that some kids sell drugs to get money.

Megan is what society would call an at-risk youth, which means that she is at risk for becoming a juvenile offender. If Megan's community had any type of community-based prevention programs, do you think they would be able to help prevent her from violating the law? Could a community-based program also help out with some of the family problems Megan's family is experiencing? Discuss what community-based prevention programs are and what they can offer to Megan and her family.

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I believe that if Megan's community had any type of community-based prevention programs, there would be a good chance that that these programs would help to prevent her from violating the law. One of the primary reasons that programs of this nature would be helpful in preventing Megan from violating the law, is that these programs are proactive in nature, and seek to intervene on the behalf of youth and or ...

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