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Federal Government Regulatory Power

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I need some assistance answering this question. Why should businesses be concerned with federal government regulatory power?

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The federal government regulations protect the environment so that workplace is safe and they also serve as existing standards for specific compliance. Businesses need to assess their systems if they can comply with regulations. There must be continuous availability of protection systems, processes and documentation so that there is protection from downtime ensuring the availability of critical business functions at all times. In many cases, compliance to regulations involves issues in power and security. If it is important that there is high continuous availability, then it is necessary that there will always be physical security and environmental protection. Regulatory compliance is a legal and an essential extension of business continuity and recovery planning to ensure that companies are managed with effective integrity and accountability of systems and processes otherwise failure to do this will entail some penalties. Compliance allows both industry leaders to move toward certain standards and regulations. However, the regulations don't provide a pattern to be followed for protection but they have penalties for failing to protect data.
Even though federal regulations have goals that are essential in businesses, small businesses feel the burden of these regulations and their owners are overwhelmed ...

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The implications of federal government regulatory power on businesses. References are included.

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