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    Ethics in Practice: Confidentiality

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    Describe the limits of confidentiality as required by Illinois laws. How do these compare to the requirements of the APA ethics code? How would you explain these to future clients in words they can understand?

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    Confidentiality in Illinois

    The state of Illinois has a host of laws, regulations and principles pertaining to confidentiality. They include the following (from IDPH, 2012):

    â?¢ Illinois Constitution, Article I, Section 6 (right to privacy)

    â?¢ Illinois Public Aid Code, 305 ILCS 5/1-1 et seq. (confidentiality and protection of records)

    â?¢ Managed Care Reform and Illinois Patient's Rights Act, 215 ILCS 134/1 et seq. (Right to privacy and confidentiality in health care.)

    â?¢ Medical Patient Rights Act, 410 ILCS 50/0.01 et seq. (Patient's right to privacy and confidentiality of records, including restrictions on disclosures by physicians, health care providers, health services corporations and insurance companies.)

    â?¢ Medicare Conditions of Participation for Hospitals, 42 CFR 482.13 (Patient's right to personal privacy and confidentiality of clinical records).

    â?¢ Nursing Home ...

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    The solution provides insight and discussion on the topic of the 'limits of confidentiality' with a particular focus on the State of Illinois. This is then related to the APA code of ethics in terms of its effects in the practice of psychology. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.