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    Impact of McCarthyism and Reagan Economic and Nixon Politics

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    This job offers about about one social, economic, or political event from each of the following decades, World War II?1950s McCarthyism, 1960s Kennedy's New Frontier, 1970s Nixon's Politics, 1980s Reagan's Economics, and 1990s?that you think had a more powerful impact on the American people than other events within the same decade.

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    I am going to lead you through the steps that will help your organize your thoughts, ideas and topics into what will hopefully be a well organized and well-written paper. It's great that you already have notes about each of the topics that you are going to discuss.

    The first thing that you need to do, which is usually the hardest when writing a paper is creating an introduction. Your introduction should be a paragraph explaining what you are going to discuss in your paper - in your case, you are going to discuss exactly what the assignment is: social, political and economic events that occurred over different time periods in the United States (you can list one or two of them) and how they impacted different aspects of United States life.

    One of the last sentences of your introduction (opening paragraph) should allow for a smooth transition into your first topic:
    EXAMPLE: you can say something along the lines of how there have been many significant political events that have ...

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    Social, economic and political impact on the American people during the following time periods: McCarthysim, Kennedy's New Frontier, Nixon's Politics and Reagan's Economics, World War II - 1950's, and the 1990's.