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Political Effects Of The Watergate Scandal

An analysis of the scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon and led to his resignation. This brief summary places the late president in context and explains the most significant ways American politics, culture, and media were altered as a result of such criminal activities on the part of the Chief Executive.

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Effects of Watergate

The main effects of the Watergate scandal have to do with diminishing presidential power and prestige, increased scrutiny of American political leaders, and a growing paranoia throughout our political system.

One way to get understand the impact of Watergate is through examining presidential power. Ever since World War II and the beginning of a world filled with atomic weapons, presidents have been given more power than ever. The reason has to do with fear of mass destruction and the need for immediate action in the face of a sudden nuclear threat. The system of checks and balances that traditionally kept Congress on an even keel with the president started to get bumped out of line. If a severe threat were happening fast enough, how could a president take time to consult Congress? This need ...

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This solution examines the political fallout of the Watergate scandal involving Richard Nixon and how this event impacted future presidential administrations.