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    The Watergate Scandal

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    How has the Watergate scandal affected the way Americans feel about their government? This posting includes specific examples.

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    First, as you discuss how the Watergate scandal affected the way Americans feel about their government, please note that it made feelings of mistrust prevail and dominate for the majority of citizens. For example, Nixon's unethical activities of criminal obstruction of justice and improper and illegal use of governmental organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency and the Internal Revenue Service, made many Americans wary of presidents and governmental officials at large. It seemed to question and cast doubt over the ethical and moral character of presidents and governmental representatives overall.

    Similarly, you might add that because presidents and governmental officials are supposed to protect Americans and their freedoms and also uphold America's fundamental democratic ideologies, the American public lost a lot of hope and trust in this promise. To illustrate, please note that Nixon's violation of his constitutional oath coupled with his unlawful entry into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee to gather political intelligence also threatened our election equity.

    By abusing his powers, Nixon placed grave concern about election fairness into ...

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