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Watergate examination

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Was Watergate an aberration (a rare occurrence among presidents), or do you see the entire episode as part of a larger pattern of abuse of presidential power? Do you see evidence of this today?

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The Watergate scandal occurred under the presidential term of Richard Nixon. During the 1972 presidential campaign, members of Nixon's committee (Committee to Re-elect the President) were caught breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., to plant bugs. Cover-up efforts began, and Nixon asserted that no one in his administration was involved in the break-in. Attempts to destroy paperwork and bribe individuals were soon exposed by the media and press. Though Nixon was not directly implicated in the Watergate affair, his presidency was ended by the scandal.

The Watergate scandal shook the confidence of American citizens in their government. Many Americans began to believe that ...

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This solution examines the Watergate scandal.

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