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    The Red Scare in US History

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    Differences betweeen anticommunism and mcCarthyism and the perspective from which the media covered this period. What american foreign policy decisions impacted anticommunism? How did Americans lives changed because of the red scare?

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    The main difference between true anticommunism and McCarthyism is that McCarthyism mainly focused on internal "threats" (many which turned out to be false), while anticommunism initially and traditionally focused on the threats from abroad with less of an emphasis of the "threats" at home. At the time of Joseph McCarthy's "witch hunts" true anti-communism, included the arms race with the USSR, the fall of China to the communists in 1949 and the Korean War from 1950-1953.

    Anti-Communism first developed a lot when the Bolsheviks overtook Russia. Governments in Europe ran by monarchs and others were decidedly anti-communist as was the United States. Some of this was probably based on the idea that people naturally have desires to acquire wealth, material things and or power. Which communism in its true sense doesn't allow for. As we have seen, the true communism preached by people like Marx and Engels never developed anyway.

    Also, McCarthyism happened for just a short time period (albeit a terrible one for some innocent people in the USA). Also, anticommunism has existed on a world wide scale in some Muslim countries (especially since the Afghan invasion by the USSR), Israel, the west and many other countries or parts of countries, as well as with other free thinking people in the world. This would include some different places and times like modern day China (Tiananmen ...

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    The solution provides a comprehensive discussion on the difference between anti communism and McCarthyism (the Red Scare), the media coverage of this period of American political history and the effects of this on US foreign policy.